Reed Knitted Umbrella

For Perfect Shadow

The beach cane umbrella (reed umbrella) is woven with reed, wild cane.
Diametrically ranges from 200-250 cm built with durable metal construction painted with anti-rust paint.
Reed Knitted Umbrellas are mainly used for sun protection on the beach, offering a fresh natural shade.

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How are made?

Reed Fence is made of soft cane (Arundo Donax L) with a diameter of 18 / 24mm and a diameter of 26 / 30mm.
This is a cane fence that respects our natural habitat, does not change characteristics and compared to other fences guarantees greater longevity by integrating into our environment.
Its use is comprehensive, it can be used in the gardens of your homes as partition walls, for various verandas and roofs of restaurants and local beaches as a cover and protection from the sun in the summer months, making it a fresh and naturally shaded environment. .
The standard dimensions are 1x3m 1.5x3m 2x3m 2.5x3m 3x3m we can realize other dimensions as required.

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Customized Products

We offer customized product for your orders as you special needs.

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