Who we are ?

From Regional Tradition to a Company

ARO Impex Ltd is established as a corporation in 2012 by Arjan Bekaj and his sons and operates in the area of ​​Seman, Fier, Albania.

The company handle collection, processing and exporting of cane reed, wild cane/reed,  and other products for use in Decorative Gardening and Beaches.

Usage of Reed intended for CONSTRUCTION is a tradition of the area of Seman.

This old tradition of the area combined with the new technology of processing and thanks to the work and committed of Mr. Arjan Bekaj in recent years have brought a broad range of high quality products such as reed fence, and beach umbrellas from reed.

Everything is intended  for export out of the country.

  • ARO Impex become a main exporter in Giant Reed Industry

    Now ARO Impex is still working in innovation an technology creating other natural product based of our tradition in reed processing We are still focusing in customized orders and are happy to work for any suggestion in products and special customization for your order.

  • ARO Impex Founded

    ARO impex was founded afer a long tradition in reed products and reed fence usage for gardening, agriculture and decoration.

Reed (cane) known as Arundo Donax L grows naturally in West Albania especially in region of Myzeqe.
We bring the tradition of using this natural ecologic materials in all other countries.